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    Michelle lee


    I am currently a first year, health track Psy.D. student at Pacific University.

    Adolescents and adults presenting with mood, anxiety, and eating disorders, as well as individuals with chronic or acute medical conditions.

    Clinical Interests

    Sociocultural constructs related to eating disorders.

    Research Interests

  • education

    Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology, Health Track (Psy.D)

    Pacific University

    Summer 2021

    Clinical mentor:

    Dr. Jennifer Antick.

    Dissertation chair:

    Dr. Katherine Elder.

    Master of Arts in Applied Psychological Science (M.A)

    Pacific University

    Summer 2017

    Academic advisor:

    Dr. Jane Tram.

    Clinical Supervisor:

    Dr. Stephanie Schaefer.

    GPA: 3.94

    2017 Local Clinical Scientist Awardee

    Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

    Bard College

    Fall 2015

    Academic Advisor:

    Dr. Sarah Dunphy-Lelii

    Senior thesis:

    Eating Disorders in Asian American Women: Self-Esteem and Fat Phobia

    GPA: 3.60

    Associate of Arts in Psychology (A.A.)

    Bard College at Simon's Rock

    Fall 2013

    Academic advisor:

    Dr. Eden-Renee Pruitt.

    Dean's Honor's List Awardee.


    Last updated: 11/29/2017.

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    Student Clinician

    Pacific Psychology and Comprehensive Health Clinic

    Hillsboro, OR

    September 2017 - present.

    • Supervisor: Dr. Anne Willis.
    • Conduct intake assessments and participate in the triage system through telephone screenings.
    • Provide individual psychotherapy to adults in the Portland Metro Area.
    • Administer psychological assessment measures and generate integrated reports.
    • Coordinate client care with in-house and community health providers, including naturopathic doctors, speech language pathologists, and occupational therapists.

    Behavioral Health Consultant

    Pacific University Interprofessional Diabetes Clinic

    Hillsboro, OR

    September 2017 - present.

    • Provide psychological counseling to low-income, under-insured, and monolingual Spanish speaking patients with diabetes mellitus, utilizing brief behavior change interventions to address DM management.
    • Work alongside healthcare interpreters to provide care.
    • Collaborate with other health professionals, such as optometrists, occupational therapists, and pharmacists, to develop comprehensive management plans for each patient. 

    Graduate Assistant for Dr. Shawn Davis

    Pacific University

    September 2017 - present.

    • Provide organizational and collaborative support for research processes.

    Student Mentoring Committee Representative

    Pacific University

    June 2016 - present

    • Match prospective mentees with available student mentors based on common academic and professional interests.
    • Communicate with mentors and mentees regarding meetings, events, training programs, and activities.
    • Develop and maintain relationships and provide guidance, assistance, advocacy, and support for first year Master of Arts in Applied Psychological Science students.
    • Model academic success and positive self-care behaviors.

    Counseling Intern

    Clackamas Community College

    Oregon City, OR

    September 2016 - July 2017

    • Conduct individual psychological counseling, including intake interviews, scheduled individual and group sessions, and crisis interventions.
    • Provide academic and career guidance for students and prospective students, including creating academic strategies, resource referrals, and student advocacy.
    • Attend and participate in individual supervision and weekly group supervision meetings. 
    • Create and maintain up-to-date clinical records, including intake reports, case notes, and treatment plans.
    • Coordinate client care with community health, community mental health, and other providers.
    • Participate in outreach activities, including informational classroom visits, workshops on mental health topics, and psychoeducational presentations in psychology courses and college-wide events.
    • Total hours: 708.00
      • Direct client contact hours: 257.14
      • Indirect client contact hours: 350.06
      • Supervision hours: 100.80

    Graduate Assistant for Dr. Jon Frew

    Pacific University

    September 2016 - July 2017

    • Provide administrative and organizational support for instructional, administrative, and publication processes.
    • Transcribe and organize class and professional materials, including official letters, educational materials, and class handouts.
    • Create and update mailing lists for classes taught by instructor.
    • Communicate and deliver class updates and materials to students from instructor.

    Guest Lecturer

    Clackamas Community College

    May 2017

    • Taught two lectures on Emotional Intelligence to students in a Human Development course.
    • Discussed topics of neuroplasticity, empathy, emotional awareness, stress management, values clarification, and mindfulness through educational materials and leading discussion groups.
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    Social Comparison as a Mediator of Sociocultural Influence and Body Dissatisfaction in Adult Women

    Doctoral dissertation in-progress

    The Role of Personality in Smart Technology Adoption

    Research project in-progress

    In collaboration with Dr. Shawn Davis.

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